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Scrapbooking Mecca

Helping you start scrapbooking right away!

Speed and accessibility:

This website is made for all of you scrapbooking enthusiasts wanting something quick-loading with few images and a strong focus on accessibility.


This is the sitemap page where we list the articles on the Scrapbooking Mecca website. It is essentially a 'Table of Contents' where we try to group certain pages together according to their purpose such as tips, photo albums, using used materials, etc. The items that are red and click-able are links to the respective pages. Items that are not red or that do not change to underlined when you hover over them are there as a place holder to help organize the articles into categories or subsections. Please bookmark us/ add us to your favorites and come back often as we will endeavor to add more ideas as time goes on. Thank you for visiting!

Table of Contents