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This website is made for all of you scrapbooking enthusiasts wanting something quick-loading with few images and a strong focus on accessibility.

Used Calendar Scrapbook

Scrapbook Supplies:


Cover each calendar page with the scrapbook paper of your choice, or wrapping paper, whatever type of background material you have on hand and want to use.

If you like the picture or graphic that is already there on the calendar, just cover the month part of the calendar page.

I use a strip of scrapbook paper to cover the center, inside and outside, so that the fold is strengthened. This, of course, depends on use. If the scrapbook calendar is going to be viewed and used a lot, it is a good thing to strengthen that center fold.

Now comes the fun part of adding ‘YOU’ to the calendar by embellishing with photos, art, buttons, ribbon, tags, envelopes, etc.

This is a great way to recycle not only the calendar but other items you might have on hand such as used cards, stickers, and scraps of scrapbook paper. Even better - you could make next year’s (a new) calendar using last year’s calendar, and create it scrapbook style, adding your personal touch to each page.