About Us

Hi, I'm Michael.

While working alongside an avid scrapbooking hobbiest it became obvious that we had something to offer the world wide web.

With scrapbooking being one of the most popular hobbies out there it seemed like we sould get lots of visitors to the website.

Combining my coworker Copearl's experiences in the hobby and my knowledge of building a website made sense. We decided to team up and put together this website on scrapbooking.

The photos and instructions are from Copearl and are posted and hosted by yours truly for you to peruse.

This has been a selfless endeavor and we honestly did not expect to receive any compensation for doing this. We thought that if a couple of dollars came in through affiliate sales, so be it. Money was truly the last thing on our minds and, in truth no money has ever been made.

On the Sitemap page I list the various articles on the Scrapbooking Mecca website. It is essentially a 'Table of Contents' where I try to organize the pages according to their purpose such as tips, photo albums, using used materials, etc.

The items that are red and click-able are links to the respective pages. Items that are not red or that do not change to underlined when you hover over them are there just as a place holder to help organize the articles into categories or subsections.

Please bookmark us or add us to your favorites and come back often as we will endeavor to add more ideas as time goes on.

The Scrapbooking Affiliates link takes you to a page with links to our scrapbooking supplies affiliates. If you click through and happen to buy something, we get a small commission.

Thank you for visiting!