Adding Quotes and Text to Your Scrapbook Album!

Layout Titles:

Using quotes as layout titles is a great way to give your page a specific theme. The title should be simple, short, sweet, and to the point. If you want the title quote can be funny, too. It depends on the theme of your scrapbook album. You can also add layout titles to a variety of backgrounds, textures, and materials to make your pages really interesting and fun.


Even though this may seem very ordinary, captions are a great way to identify pictures, adding that special detail that reminds the viewer of a time and place. You can add large, chunky text and still avoid crowding out everything else on the page. Adding captions is a creative way to capture the viewers' interest, and the captions can fit just about anywhere but will not be too attention grabbing.

Thought Bubbles:

Thought bubbles are a great way to add text and quotes to pictures, especially if it is a funny conversation that someone had at the time of the photo. Thought bubbles also work well in situations where someone is not saying something, but rather thinking something instead. Thought bubbles can work well with pictures of funny facial expressions on both people and animals too.

Swing Tags:

Swing tags work best when you simply want to include brief, descriptive information somewhere. Swing tags are great for identifying locations or other 'significant statistics', such as where, what, when, who, and why.

Conversational Balloons:

Conversational balloons are a great way to add dialog to your scrapbooking layout. If it looks like people truly are talking to each other in a particular picture, you should add a couple of conversational balloons-one for each person talking. Get really creative and try to come up with funny quips that fit the picture on the scrapbook page.

Background Words:

Quotes, single meaningful words, names, titles... you can make them big and blocky, maybe using a different kind of font, and add them as part of the background. You can strategically place them behind, on, or around the photo. This idea would work great as part of the title, cover background page, too.

Patterned Text Blocks:

This is my favorite! You can use your computer office program or a program like Photoshop to create blocks of text (or single letters) with a patterned or colored background. Please view the examples below:

I created these blocks of letters using Photoshop, and then pasted them into my computer office program, resized them, and printed. Making block letters and text is not only fun, but you can select patterns and colors that match your scrapbook theme. They can be used as background text, the title for your scrapbook, and/or specifically placed throughout the scrapbook as an embellishment or part of a word or photo story.

Make the quotes and text personal, specific for the photo and scrapbook. Some of them might be witty and funny, others might be serious and more story like. It is up to you and the scrapbook theme.