Basic Scrapbooking Craft Tools

Scrapbooking and paper crafting have become popular hobbies. There are only a few essential tools and supplies that you need to create beautiful scrapbook and paper craft projects.

Paper Trimmer - A paper trimmer is essential for cutting straight and square pieces from large sheets of paper and for trimming and cutting apart photos. A portable, tabletop style paper trimmer is the best. Make sure it grips the table and does not slide around.

Craft Scissors - Use a small pair of craft scissors with a fine point. This type of scissor is especially useful for trimming small pieces of paper or ribbon, for trimming rough edges of die cut papers, and poking small holes. Try keeping the scissors with your scrapbooking supplies, and do not use them for anything else. That way they will always be sharp and ready to use.

Ruler - You will use a ruler for measuring, of course, but it can be also be used to tear straight edges, line up elements on a scrapbook page, and, if you do not have a scoring tool, a ruler can be used to score edges that need to be folded.

Fine Black Pen - Use a fine point black pen to for journaling, to draw shapes and objects, or to add to other elements on the scrapbook page. They do not have to be only black! Keep several colors on hand for that creative touch.

Adhesives - There are three types of adhesives that are useful for scrapbooking and paper crafts:

Hole Punch - You will get a lot of use out of a hole punch. A small diameter punch can be used for brads or eyelets, and a large diameter punch can be used to create holes on the edges of tags. Purchasing a multi-punch tool that can punch two to three different hole sizes is the best idea. I use the single hole punch and a 2 to 3 hole punch tools the most.

Ink Pad - A small brown or black ink pad is not essential but is handy for small stamps or for inking the edge of lighter scrapbook papers to provide definition.

Sandpaper or Emery Board - A piece of sandpaper can be used to distress the edges of a piece of paper and provide definition to a dark photo or scrapbook paper.

Craft Knife - Craft knives are great tools for trimming excess material from embellishments, cutting freehand titles out of scrapbook paper, and cutting small slits or holes for brads or other embellishments.

Self-Healing Mat - Use a self-healing mat along with the craft knife to keep your desk and table from getting scarred.

Bins, Baskets, Tins, Trays, and Boxes - These can all be used while you are creating a project and to store supplies when you are not. They definitely help keep you and your workspace organized.