File Folder Scrapbook

File Folder Photo Front View
File Folder Front View

Scrapbook Supplies:


Start by covering the front and back of the file folder with your choice of scrapbook paper. If you do not want to cover the front and back using scrapbook paper, decorate both with your art and text. Either way it will look fantastic.

Next take several different patterns and colors of scrapbook papers and randomly tear or cut them into sizes and shapes, such as short, long, narrow, wide, curved edges, wavy edges, etc. Make sure the pages are no longer or wider than the file folder and leave room so that when they are folded in half there is room to fasten them to the center of the file folder with part of the paper on each side of the center.

Just to get an idea of how you want the pages to look inside the file folder scrapbook, fold the torn and cut pages in half and lay the pages together any way you want to, making it look a bit disorganized. It will all come together when the scrapbook is assembled and embellished.

File Folder Photo Inside View
File Folder Photo Inside View

Now lay the pages inside the file folder and fasten it all together down the centerfold by using staples, brads, or sewing down the middle with string or twine, even ribbon would work.

You can embellish each page with envelopes, text, tags, pockets, and photos, anything you want to make the file folder scrapbook unique. If you are giving the scrapbook as a gift to a teenager or child, you could decorate it but leave pages for the recipient to add their own scrapbook items.