Hopes & Dreams Scrapbook Album

Hopes & Dreams Scrapbook Album
Hopes & Dreams Scrapbook Album

You will have fun creating a scrapbook for your child that they will cherish their entire life. You can build a scrapbook album that depicts your or their hopes and dreams for them. Try using a popular and/or favorite song to use as inspiration for the scrapbook. You can quote the song title or phrases directly in the album, or use the song simply for inspiration. A small album (7x7) works well for this, but, depending on how many photos, journaling, and embellishments, the 12x12 albums can also be used. Just to give you an idea of what you can do, I have listed several lines from a song with examples of what you can use for photos:

"I'm the shadow on the ground"
Use a picture of your child's shadow or your shadow at a favorite place or in a favorite room. Take a picture of your child's face in profile, either looking up at the sky or down at something in his/her hands. Try to get a silhouette picture.
"Kids laughin' in the background"
Take pictures of your child playing at home or at the playground, outside. Use pictures of just your child plus pictures with friends and family playing, too.
"A little voice came on the phone"
Collect pictures of your child when they are/were young, talking on a play or real phone, with friends and/or family or just pretending. Try to capture those long phone calls with your child in different positions and rooms. That first cell phone is a great medium for some great photos, getting the look of excitement when they first open it and use it, walking around the house or outside while they text or talk.
"I'm already there"
Photograph yourself in different environments like their room, a special room in your house, and outside with nice scenery. Insert photos of vacations and trips that you've taken together.
"Take a look around"
Look around your child's world. Take pictures of their favorite toy, blanket, food, place, person, friend, etc. Use a picture of your child standing in a doorway.
"I'm the moonlight shinin' down"
Take some night shots. Photograph the sky, even during the day, with clouds, the moon, the sun, and/or the stars. You can also use pictures of mountains, rivers, creeks, roads, highways, etc.
"And I'll be there 'til the end"
Pictures of your child at or going to school, performing in a play or sports and activities, playing a game, anything that your child does that shows you are there watching.
"I'll be with you wherever you are"
You will always be with them, in their hearts, in their minds. Use pictures of the two of you together with hearts, circles, and other embellishments and borders.

A fun and creative idea is to start when your child is a baby and add to it as the years go by.

Whether you use the ideas above or create the scrapbook using your own inspirations, this will be a scrapbook your child will treasure forever!