How to Keep a Daily Scrapbook Photo Journal

If you keep a daily journal or diary and like to take pictures, too, it is fun to merge the two hobbies and create a scrapbook photo journal. You can use any photos that chronicle your days, trips, or special events. It is a great way to chronicle memories, projects, trips, and events so that you have them forever. Here are a few suggestions for creating a scrapbook journal.

  1. Try to organize and plan how you want your scrapbook journal to look. There are plenty of online journals to choose from, also, and by viewing them, you can get a better idea of how a scrapbook journal comes together and how you want yours to be.
  2. It is totally up to you how often you want to make an entry into your scrapbook journal. Some have made it a daily project, taking a photograph every day and recording details regarding the photo.
  3. A scrapbook journal can be by topic. A few ideas are to journal by date, photo, occasion, or by event. Try adding a photo each day to create a daily scrapbooking journal or diary. The photos can be a record of your day. If you want a journal that depicts a special event in your life like a wedding or birth, create a journal by topic. You can also set up a topic journal which represents a hobby like gardening. Photographers create scrapbook journals to detail specific projects, such as night photography or landscapes, etc.
  4. Sometimes it is good to have a goal. You may want to keep a daily history but also consider writing and photographing events to share your feelings and/or definite moments in your life.
  5. A daily scrapbook journal is usually created by date, by taking a photo each day to represent what you have done that day. If you would rather journal online, try This site lets you upload and add details for a photo each day.
  6. Adding captions and witty quotes and poems to your photo is one of the most fun parts of scrapbook journaling. Sharing the details that describe your day or explain the special parts of your photo is fun for you and a pleasure for others that might read them. Be sure to add the date to each photo.
  7. Create your photo journal like a scrapbook and decorate the pages with captions, borders, embellishments, and fancy lettering. Scrapbooking is a lot like photo journaling in that you capture memories to look at later on.
  8. There are several options for a scrapbooking journal. You can use a computer scrapbooking program, use an office program such as Microsoft Word, or upload them to the Internet and use online scrapbook or journal sites. It is kind of fun to display your photos online so others can view your journal. There are also online sites where you can create a slide show for your own use or to share with others.