Organize, Prepare, and Create a Memory Scrapbook

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During my teenage years, a memory scrapbook was created by cutting and pasting newspaper and magazine articles and graphics plus photos into large scrapbooks that had rough textured paper. Another popular way to save important memories was by bundling cherished photos, letters, and bits and pieces of memorabilia with some ribbon, twine, or string. In this era the popular way to preserve memories is with the scrapbooking craft.

The idea behind scrapbooking is the same. It is still about archiving photographs, newspaper and magazine clippings, poems, letters, notes, and other keepsakes into your scrapbook to display, preserve, and share your memories.

Start out by choosing what you want your scrapbook to be about (holiday, wedding, birthday, anything that you want to make memorable) and gather some photos and collectibles that remind you of the event.

Choose your card stock and/or scrapbook papers. Try to link the color to your subject and photos. When you purchase the card stock or scrapbook paper, it is a good idea to get more card stock to mat the photos and writing.

To mat the photos and create the illusion of a frame, stick the photos onto some card stock (a different color for the background) and cut about one quarter of an inch around the photo to make it look as if it is in a frame.

Type the title you want in large characters on your computer using the font of your choice and mat it like the photos, or if you have got a cutting machine, use that. You can also use alphabet stencils.

Play with embellishments and patterns for each page until you get the look that you want.

Do not glue anything down until you have played with the look of each page. Move stuff around to see where you like them best, and then stick them down.

Type the date and other important facts that go with the photo on the each page. This is called journaling, or telling the photo story, and can be matted, too, if you desire.

To help stay organized and make it easier to continue later, keep your scrapbook pages in a folder, basket, or box.

Use your imagination! There is no 'wrong way' to create a scrapbook. You learn more with practice.

Use acid free paper -- it will last much longer. Also, acid free scrapbook paper will not fade the photos as quickly.

Digital Scrapbooking

Digital scrapbooking is the art of designing digital layouts for scrapbooks using a computer.

There are free and inexpensive digital scrapbook layouts, in a variety of styles and themes, which can be downloaded off the Internet.

There are plenty of computer software programs available to create a digital scrapbook. Some sites let you download and use their software as long as you use their site to buy the finished scrapbook.

Digital Scrapbooking programs are sold at computer software stores, too. You can use programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paintshop, etc. to build scrapbook layouts.