Recipe Card Scrapbook

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Recipe Scrapbook Supplies:


Type or write your favorite recipes on the recipe cards, scrapbook paper, or colored paper, making sure the paper is cut to your specified size.

Embellish each recipe with pictures from magazines, or your own pictures of the dish, and other decorations that pertain to the recipe or cooking.

I put the recipes back to back and glued them together. It made a stronger album. Another idea is to glue or tape each recipe onto more scrapbook paper or cardstock paper.

I used binder rings to hold my recipe scrapbook together. The kids really appreciated that, because they could also add their own. You can also use staples, brads, or have them professionally bound. You might even have your own binding machine, which is a great invention and addition to scrapbooking tools.

Possible Embellishments:

Possible embellishments, if you are making a larger recipe scrapbook:

Quotes and anecdotes are the easiest way to use journaling in your recipe card album. Try to include times you ate or cooked the recipe that were special to you. Maybe it was the egg shells in the dough or the giblets left in the roasted turkey, something that relates to you and the recipe.

Your personal photos or pictures from magazines or the Internet, anything visual that is a part of the recipe. It could be something during the process of making the recipe or the completed dish.

Include a brief description with each recipe. You could tie it into a smell or taste of something familiar to you and the people reading/using the recipe scrapbook.

Show off the ingredients by placing some of them on the counter and taking a picture to include with the recipe in the scrapbook. It gives the people reading and using the recipe scrapbook something visual so they have a better idea of what they're looking for when they go shopping for the ingredients.

Give a little history lesson. If it is a recipe passed down through the family, mention that. Try to find out the originator.

Include possible ingredient substitutes and, if you have made any changes to the recipe, add those, too. It makes it more personal to see that you made a variation that worked quite well.

If you are building a recipe scrapbook using family recipes, try to get a quote from each contributor and add that quote to the recipe page. Family reunions are a good time to request favorite recipes. Take a small notebook with you so that you can gather addresses and/or email addresses of the family members that want to contribute. You could even take photographs of each person to add to the recipe scrapbook.