Scrapbook Photo Album
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This type of scrapbook photo album could be about and for anyone that you love and is important to you. You could make an album for your grandparents, parents, siblings, spouse, child (could be a baby album that you add to as your baby grows), boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, and so forth. Just imagine the possibilities! You can make the scrapbook photo album light-hearted, truly sentimental, serious, or funny. Another option is to include all of them and make the photo album read like a story.

To start the scrapbook photo album, it is a good idea to gather the photographs that you would like to use. That way you can think of and jot down the specific reasons why you chose the photographs and the sentiments that go along with each one. Start by listing the specific reasons why you chose what you did plus the thoughts and feelings behind it.

Here are a few suggestions for a scrapbook photo album for a loved one:

Here are some suggestions for a baby or a child:

Once you have determined who the scrapbook photo album is about, you should compile of list of what you want to include in the album. Now is a good time to search through your photographs or take new pictures that represent who and what you are going to portray in the special memory book.

If you are creating a baby or child scrapbook photo album, you will want to leave room to add more photographs and details.

There are many premade scrapbook photo albums on the market. Check your local craft store, go online, or check with friends, family, and neighbors to find out more. You can also make your own using a three ring binder, scrapbook sleeves (clear plastic covers), scrapbook paper, and embellishments. One thrifty way to create a scrapbook photo album is to use file folders. I covered each one with scrapbook paper, punched three holes in each, embellished each folder, and added them to a three ring binder. I can add more, if I want to!

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