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We all have a story to tell, whether it is a daily type journal, vacation and trip stories, the children growing up, or you growing up. Create a 'Your Story' scrapbook photo album by documenting your personal history and tell the story of your life. Future generations, your children, friends, and family will be able to see what your life was like and enjoy the memories with you.

Start by deciding on the expression of the scrapbook album. Your style might be a black album with black pages and a classic theme. You can create a traditional scrapbook with white pages. Your decision reflects your taste. This scrapbook photo album is all about you, so make it yours by choosing the theme specifically for you.

Think about the things that have been and are the most important in your life. A good way to keep track of those thoughts is by jotting them down. Keep a pad and pen with you, and when you think of something, a quote, a word, a special moment, write it down. That way you can recall them later when you create the album.

Here are some ideas of details and information to include in 'Your Story' scrapbook album:

Collect all of the photographs and memorabilia you have that relate to 'Your Story.'

Take some new pictures. Visit the school you went to, the park you used to play at, any special places where you hung out. There have probably been changes through the years that will be interesting to you and the scrapbook viewers.

Decide how to organize your story. Some possibilities are:

Chronological order

Now you can assemble 'Your Story' scrapbook photo album. You can handwrite your own journaling or use the computer to compose the story, any way you like to. Put your pictures in the album first, and then add the story. You can create captions for each photo. You can also add text in story format on each page that you want to tell the story on. You can do both captions and story style. It is entirely up to you, because it is 'Your Story!'