Scrapbooking has become a great hobby and craft that people of all ages can participate in. Even toddlers can create a fun scrapbook for themselves or for grandma and grandpa, mother and father. The fun part of scrap booking is, of course, creating the scrapbook album, but it is also exciting to gather and organize the photographs, memorabilia, decorations, and graphics that you are going to use for the scrapbooking project. Looking at and going through the photographs brings back the memories of the people and the good times. It is also an excellent way to share tales and stories with the children, family, and friends, as you remember every detail, which also helps when you create the scrapbook using those stories and comments to highlight events and memories.

When you begin the scrapbooking adventure it is always a good idea to keep memorabilia from the trip, vacation, person, people, animal, etc. that you are building the scrapbook around. Some examples of mementos are: tickets (airline, bus, and train), admission ticket stubs (movies, museums, and special exhibits), pins, magnets, diary notes, stickers, stamps, and postcards, anything connected with the scrapbook subject. And again, collecting keepsakes and sharing them while you build the scrapbook is an awesome way to experience again those precious memories and create the story for the scrapbook.

Scrapbooking does not have to be hard or daunting. A lot of the time we think about all of the photographs we have stored in boxes and drawers, and we let it overwhelm us. Scrap booking should be fun and exciting. Instead of making the first scrapbook using old photos, try to use the most recent trip, vacation, birth, birthday party, something more fresh and new in your heart and mind.

For scrapbooking you can make the most of your own photographs, souvenirs, memorabilia, and decorations. You can also purchase premade items to add to your pages, such as tabs, buttons, brads, stickers, cut-outs, and scrapbooking paper. The great thing about scrapbooking is your imagination and creativeness. You can make it simple or elaborate, which totally depends on you and the subject of the scrapbook. Every scrapbook will be different and unique to you. Every scrapbook will be what you put into it, and there is no limit to the imagination! One of the most important things is to make it yours, use what you want, make it look exactly how you feel it should be. From the beginning to the end, scrapbooking is what YOU make it.

Recycling old cards, ribbon, bows, stickers, wrapping paper, etcetera, can make your scrapbooking hobby even more rewarding and uniquely you. Scrap booking expands and completes your good times, trips, memories, biographies, family tree, births, children's school awards and achievements; the list goes on and on. You can honor a family member or friend by scrapbooking their life and accomplishments. There is no limit to scrapbooking, to creating that special album, book, or other scrapbooking project. Make a small scrapbook or make a multiple page scrapbook. You can use your imagination and create anything you want.