Scrapbooking - Altered Books

Altered Book

Altered art has become a popular craft form all on its own and making altered books is at the top of the list. It is reasonable that scrapbook makers want to use the altered book concept and make their own by incorporating their family photos, scrapbook paper, and embellishments.

There are a bunch of websites that go into altered book scrapbooking. Type 'altered books' in a search engine on the web, such as Google, to find lots of information and ideas. We are just touching lightly on the overall technique and have made a few suggestions.

Altered book supplies:

You can use hard back, paper back, a composition book, children's board books, little mini gift books, and of course used books. Poetry and inspirational books are popular. Cover the pages with scrapbook paper and embellishments but still leave some of the inspirational poems and prose uncovered.

If you do not have your own or do not want to use your own, purchase old used books from garage sales, flea markets, and thrift stores.

Make an altered Board Book (Instructions to make an mini album from a child's board book)

Instructions for Making Altered books:

Once you have your book and supplies collected it is simply a matter of getting creative by adding photos, paper, and embellishments as you would to a blank scrapbook album:

You could create a journal, a diary, a recipe book, a blank scrapbook where the recipient can add their own stories, or a mini album scrapbook for a small child. Whatever you create will be worth the effort so give altered art books a try!

Altered Book Techniques:

A few basic techniques and ideas to create altered books include but are not limited to: