Scrapbooking Craft

It is fun to include the whole family when you are scrapbooking. Every family member will have their special contribution with comments, tales, and stories and by souvenirs, mementos, and other decorations. Even collecting and organizing the photographs and decorations can be enjoyable for the whole family, right down to the youngest toddler. In fact, involving children can produce the best scrap booking memories.

Scrap booking empowers you to tell a story. You can celebrate any event or day or person that you want to. The scrapbook album can be about your summer or a special summer trip or event, something you did or something the whole family did. You can create a birthday album from birth to the current birthday or just the birthday alone using photographs and mementos plus witty comments, phrases, and stories.

Combing your photographs and creating an exclusive scrap booking project is not only enjoyable, it is rewarding, because you are the creator. You tell the story and recreate the event on every page. Start with the subject. It can be a person, an event, a trip or vacation, a special moment that you treasure, your favorite pet, outdoor scenery, a new home, a vacation home.

Creating a scrapbook is easier to create if you make a list of what you envision. Write the subject at the top of the list. Then you can write down whatever comes to mind regarding that subject, such as the photographs you want to use and the moment itself with comments and tales. You can get even wittier and go online to get quotes, poems, songs, and things to add to your scrapbooking story.

Now look around you. Check to see if you already have materials that pertain to your scrapbook subject that you can use to enhance the scrapbook pages. You can also use embellishments purchased from craft stores, dollar stores, and department stores. The Internet is a vast 'scrapbooking store' with thousands of pages of graphics, quotes, and prose to add. List the items that you think will be fun and appropriate to use, that make the scrap booking story complete.

Also list the elements that you might need to purchase. This helps to organize your thoughts and create a more personal scrapbook that will communicate your memory. Compiling the scrapbook is the most fun. Watching your scrapbook pages come to life and reliving each moment is exciting! And knowing that you built this memory is most rewarding.

Your scrapbooking venture does not have to be the normal album type scrapbook. Once again, let your imagination be your guide. Originally, scrapbooks were blank pages and the scrapbook owner added newspaper clippings, cut out pictures and words. Keep that in mind as you create your scrapbooking masterpiece and add items like that to enhance your scrapbook pages.

Add pockets and tabs and special little hiding places with a photograph, poem, or note tucked inside. Sew buttons onto the page instead of stapling or taping. Doing so also adds a nice and unique touch.