Scrapbooking Craft⁄ Scrapbooking Hobby

The scrapbooking craft and scrapbooking hobby have made phenomenal progress over the past few years. Originally the scrapbooking process was left up to the person that had a scrapbook, which was blank, and they filled it with their favorite band, high school crush, school memories, and newspaper or magazine clippings. Essentially the process is still the same, but instead of receiving a blank scrapbook, the receiver usually gets a homemade, unique scrapbook filled with photographs, newspaper and magazine clippings, embellishments, and decorations that pertain to the subject of the scrapbook. The scrapbooking craft and scrapbooking hobby have endless possibilities and can flow as far as your imagination will take you.

Almost every pet owner has photographs of their pet. That sounds like an excellent idea for a pet scrapbook! Use the photographs along with pictures or drawings of your pet’s favorite toys, food, and activities. It is common to take your pet on trips and vacations. That is another idea for a pet scrapbook. Any memento from the trip and vacation can be used in the pet scrapbook. It is a great idea to keep that in mind when traveling with your pet. Even day to day experiences with your pet can make a great pet scrapbook. You can even start a daily pet journal with photographs of your pet on their walk, playing in the yard or around the house, their bed, sleeping in their bed, and playing with you and their favorite toys.

Making a pet scrapbook can be fun for the whole family. First you need to decide if you want the normal album type pet scrapbook, or if you want to twist it up a bit and make one using a different shape and method.

Chipboard is a type of paperboard generally made from reclaimed paper stock. Chipboard is stiffer, thicker than poster board. It can be cut in shapes and used as the pet scrapbook cover. You can make one side straight. That will be the connecting edge. The other side can be cut in a semi pet shape, such as half of a dog face or half of a cat face. Then the inside paper can be cut the same way or stay the original shape. If you keep the inside paper without the special cut, be sure to keep it slightly smaller so that it fits nicely inside the cutout chipboard. For the inside you can use scrapbook paper or plain paper embellished with scrapbook paper, your pet photographs, and other adornment.

You can go online and type in “pet scrapbook templates” to get ideas on how to lay out the pages plus plenty of ideas for embellishments and paper.

Your pet scrapbook can be a cat scrapbook, a new puppy scrapbook, anything you want it to be. Say you get a new pet, a baby. Imagine the fun of taking photographs as the baby grows and making a pet scrapbook that you can add to as the baby pet grows up!