Scrapbooking Hobby

Scrapbooking has become very popular as a hobby and an excellent way to preserve and share precious memories. It is something that can cost a lot or cost a little, depending on how you go about it. Even toddlers can learn to scrapbook and create great memory and picture books for themselves and to share with friends and relatives.

There are hundreds of different scrapbooking techniques and projects, from the normal scrapbook album to toilet paper ring scrapbooks!

Like most people, I am sure you have photos in drawers, boxes, etc. Now is a good time to make a homemade scrapbook to keep on the coffee table for everyone to admire and share those special moments.

Some fun examples of scrapbooks are:

Paper lunch bags: place 3 bags together with open end to folded end, sew or staple the middle, and then decorate with scrapbook papers, tags, index cards. The sky is the limit!

Toilet roll rings: cover the rings with scrapbook paper or cover of your choice (you can use wrapping paper, too), flatten the ring, staple or sew one end, and insert tags, tabs, pictures, etc. in the open end. One idea is to use a brad and connect several to make it more like a book.

File folders: cut several shapes and sizes of scrapbook paper, or paper you choose, making sure they are wide enough to cover the inside of the file folder. Arrange the odd shaped papers (short, tall, rounded, torn) inside the folder and staple or sew down the middle. You can leave it as is and let the person you are giving it to decorate it and use it like the old type of scrapbooks, or decorate it yourself with envelopes, paper, tabs, tags, etc.

Envelopes: stick envelope to envelope to make a book and decorate.

Accordion style: one way to accomplish this one is connecting envelopes in such a way that when they are folded together, it is similar to an accordion.

Odd shapes: Recycle leftover scrapbook paper, all different shapes and sizes, connect them together by sewing, stapling, or using brads, let your imagination go wild, and decorate.

Portfolio with envelope inside: decorate the outside. The inside already has 2 big pockets, but you can decorate them, too, and add tabs, decorated index cards, paper clips.

Used/old/don't want CDs: cover with paper of your choice, decorate, drill a hole for ribbon, twine, ring, etc. to hold them together. It turns out beautiful and is popular for teens.

Out of date calendars: leave the pages on and cover with scrapbook paper. You can add envelopes, tabs, whatever you like to make them uniquely you.

Recycling ordinary, everyday articles can add that 'you' touch, too. Examples: old greeting cards make great cut outs to add to a fun scrapbook. You can save ribbon, wrapping paper, catchy ads or pictures of interest. It is fun to just let your imagination take over and create something that is 'you', unique, and so special to share with family and friends, give as gifts, and display in your home.