Scrapbooking Organization

Scrapbooking is a hobby and, for some, a money maker, that becomes an addiction for many of us. We get involved in scrapbooking and find ourselves browsing through scrapbooking supply stores and buying items to help organize our scrapbooking ventures to save time and money and also for convenience. Eventually, the scrapbooking supplies can overflow a box and clutter a corner. Here are few suggestions to help make our scrapbooking projects worth the time, effort, and money.

Scrapbooking Desk:

A scrapbooking desk provides an excellent workstation for completing your scrapbooking projects. Most scrapbooking desks are specifically designed to give you the workspace you need as well as cubby holes, nooks, and crannies so that you can store and organize the numerous scrapbooking supplies. A scrapbooking desk will definitely help you get and stay organized with your scrapbooking projects. It is so convenient to have everything in one location.

Instead of a desk, purchase a banquet style table that folds up. You can leave it out and set up with a small bookshelf or knick-knack shelf on top and pushed to the back. Make sure the table is sturdy. I do not recommend using a coffee table. Only because if you have to press down or put your weight on it, it might collapse. If you enjoy working with other family members or friends, get a scrapbooking table that provides room for three or more helpers.

Nooks, Crannies, and Cubby Holes:

It does not take long to spend hundreds of dollars to gain space for scrapbooking supplies. There are alternatives to the premade items made especially for scrapbooking.

A bookcase, one that has movable shelves, is a great way to store albums, scrapbook paper, and the tools that we use a lot to create a scrapbook.

Screw hooks in front on the edges of the shelves to add even more organizing space to hang scissors and such.

Utilize bins, baskets, and boxes that you already have. Even that Christmas cookie tin can be used to hold embellishments, scraps of paper, ribbon, etc.

File cabinets also work great to store scrapbook paper in. You can add file folders and hangers to index the scrapbook papers and bigger scraps of paper.

Shoe organizers that are meant to go in the closet to keep the shoes neat and tidy are just the ticket for holding scrapbooking tools, embellishments, paper, albums, etc.

Watch the sales at your local office supply store. Office desk organizers are a great way to organize scrapbooking items, too. Department stores usually have sets of drawers on wheels that can be used to house the things you use most.

Over-the-door hangers and organizers are excellent if space is limited. Check out the local dollar store!

Don't forget the wastebasket!

You definitely want one big enough so that you are not running back and forth emptying the basket a lot.