Ten Scrapbooking Tips

  1. Use only quality papers and materials that will last through the years. Items should be acid free and lignin free.
  2. Work backwards. Start with current photographs and stories, and work your way backward. That way you are working with photos and events that are fresh in your mind. Once you get the hang of scrapbooking, you can tackle the older photos and memorabilia.
  3. Journal a lot, make lots of entries. Sometimes other people do not know the story associated with your photographs. Be sure to include who, what, where, why, and when in your layouts. Be specific. You can do this by handwriting, which is more personal. The use of computer journaling has become very popular. If you do not like your handwriting, then use your computer for your journaling.
  4. Focus on your photos and not so much on your backgrounds. If you put too much into the background on your pages, you might lose the thrill of the story and photos. Coordinate the colors in your pictures with your embellishment colors and backgrounds. Cropping your photos is a good way to remove any unwanted background distractions and bring out the main subject in your pictures.
  5. Sort your pictures soon after you take them according to theme or date depending on the album you are working on. Place them in a photo safe bag or box with a brief description of who, what, where, and when so when you do scrapbook these pictures you will recall the events and special moments better. Dates are very important. Do not write on the back of a picture, because it will eventually bleed through. Include it in the description by writing the details on a card or slip of paper.
  6. To avoid boredom you could have several albums/projects going at one time. It is sort of fun to switch back and forth between themes. I am a 'one project at a time' scrapbooker, and have a lot of fun doing it that way.
  7. You don't have to necessarily scrapbook in order of event. Work on what you are in the mood for. To add fun and interest to a scrapbook try not to do a page because it is chronological. Create albums that you can change around the pages if you decide to do so.
  8. Do not fret about creativity. I believe we all have creative and individual personalities. What one person perceives as adorable and beautiful, the next person might not. But that is what makes our world go around. Let your individual personality shine in your albums. Do what YOU like. Anything goes in scrapbooking.
  9. If you are stumped for ideas, take a look at a friend's scrapbooks, utilize books and magazines, check out scrapbooking ideas on the internet, or take scrapbooking classes.
  10. Have fun! This is your time to create a scrapbook for your memories. Future generations will thoroughly enjoy combing through the scrapbook that you created using your photos and stories.