Thrifty Embellishments

One way to make cheap scrapbooks is to focus on ways to add thrifty embellishments to your pages. Instead of rushing out to the nearest craft store to buy supplies, consider creating your own embellishments using one or more of the following:

Thrifty design and background ideas include:

Thrifty Homemade Scrapbooks

Assembling cheap (cheap as in price, not quality!), homemade scrapbooks requires some advance planning. If you have a particular style of album you want to purchase, look for sales or coupons to get the best deal from your favorite scrapbook supply store. If you want to make your own scrapbook album, here are a few fun ideas to consider:

When you create homemade scrapbooks, remember that albums without page protectors tend to be less durable over the long term. If you are making a scrapbook that doesn't have page protectors, you will need to use plenty of strong adhesive and also limit the number of bulky embellishments you include on each page.